How to Choose the Right Broker For Your NEMT Business

The non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) industry can be complicated. Transport providers may find the medical industry difficult to navigate, and finding a facility to partner with can be challenging.

Working with a NEMT broker could be a good way for NEMT businesses to find clients and provide the services they need.

But even with this clear benefit, many NEMT companies are reluctant to work with brokers due to difficulties in payment schedules. Some are uncomfortable with government programs since they do not offer much profit.

The truth is that NEMT brokers can provide owners with a network of connections to help their companies succeed. 

In addition, leveraging the proper NEMT software gives businesses and brokers many opportunities to increase their revenue. For example, software like ISI provides broker integration to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity on all sides. 

Technology like this builds effective routes and uses effective multi-load systems that can lead to healthy profits. 

For a healthy partnership, you must choose the right broker to be your partner in the industry. Here are the things you should consider:

1. Choose a Broker That Understands the Industry

NEMT brokers work directly with health facilities and service providers to find both parties the best options. Some Medicaid and Medicare brokers do not have direct contact with their clients; instead, they act as middlemen between the client and the government programs. 

Brokers are paid based on how much business they bring in. So choosing a broker that knows the ins and outs of the healthcare industry, the transport industry, and government programs is crucial. They should understand how to navigate these complex systems and find the best solutions for their clients and partners. 

2. Choose a Broker That Works in Your Area and Specific Field of Business

Choose a broker that knows the scope of your services and the local transportation market. If you work with veterans eligible for certain government programs, a broker specializing in Veterans Affairs (VA) programs, Medicaid, and Medicare is ideal.

Brokers that know the difficulties of providing transport in far-flung areas will know what kind of services you could offer. They will also have a better understanding of equipment and vehicle requirements, so they could match the right client for the business.

A local broker should be familiar with the transport issues in your specific coverage area, as opposed to a national one that has a bird’s-eye view of the situation across the country. 

3. Choose a Broker That Understands Technology 

Choose a Broker That Understands Technology 

In the digital age, most businesses rely on the internet for communication and connection. Working with a broker is the same; partner with a forward-thinking broker that understands the value of technology in optimizing services and automating tasks.

NEMT operations can be streamlined in many areas: scheduling, dispatching, billing, vehicle maintenance, and more. Brokers that understand and value technology can ease the way for transport companies and clients alike. They know that using technology like ISI makes them more efficient and productive. Such brokers have integrations with NEMT software providers which streamline operations. Trips are synced to the system and transportation providers can easily manage them in one place, utilize multiload opportunities and build the most efficient routes. 

Their technical knowledge will give transport providers access to various tech platforms to take their operations to the next level. This is also why it’s important to use NEMT software with broker integration. 

4. Choose a Broker With Good Communication Skills

Brokering requires excellent communication skills. A good broker should communicate effectively with clients and outline all crucial details as clearly as possible. 

They should also listen carefully and respond appropriately to questions from healthcare professionals, government representatives, and transport providers alike.

5. Choose a Broker With a Good Reputation

Brokers with good reputations maintain transparency in all transactions and provide timely and correct payments throughout the agreement. Integrity and honesty are vital in this industry, and a broker should be trustworthy. Your choice of broker must also be upfront about all related fees involved in your partnership. 

Reach out to other clients and partners to verify a broker’s reputation and determine if a partnership is worth pursuing. Do not hesitate to ask questions about their operations and how they work with transport businesses like yours.

6. Choose a Broker That is Flexible

NEMT brokers must be flexible and adaptable, as the transport industry can be quite unpredictable. They should be willing to change plans and strategies if necessary.

When their clients need help to resolve an issue, they should also be open-minded and willing to try new ideas. Brokers with strong problem-solving skills can help clients and providers resolve scheduling conflicts and other issues.

7. Choose a Broker That Evokes Professionalism

Choose a Broker That Evokes Professionalism

Brokers should be professional and courteous. They must treat clients and other partners respectfully. They should have the knowledge needed to assure clients and transport companies that they can be of help. 

They should know the proper processes and documentation required when handling Medicaid and Medicare assistance. They should also know how transport companies process payments and billing. 

8. The Most Important Part: Choose the Broker Which Will Pay Good Rates

In the NEMT community, you may often come across complaints about the rates that brokers pay. Check the proposed rates upfront, and do the math to make sure that your enterprise will remain profitable. 

Additionally, make sure you are allowed to use multiload—it is a powerful feature that can significantly boost your profits. All it requires is good NEMT software. Don’t miss out on extra earnings, and make sure your software deploys your fleet with maximum efficiency. 

Find the Right NEMT Broker For You

You can find your own clients and work with healthcare providers, but sometimes it takes a broker to connect you with the right people. Working with a broker is a positive for a transport business, and for startups, they can help you understand the nature of the industry better.

NEMT brokers help patients find transport for their medical appointments, and they can help transport providers expand their client reach. As they work with public and private organizations, brokers create robust connections, ensuring everyone’s needs are fulfilled.

ISI Technology’s NEMT software integrates with major national and regional health brokers that can help take your business to the next level. Book a demo today!