Does NEMT Work 24/7?

Non-emergency medical transportation is a huge convenience for those who don’t have a ride to their appointments. This is especially true for those who are bedridden or have some kind of physical or mental disability. An NEMT service will help the person needing instant medical attention at the doorstep.

That said, many people ask the question, “Does NEMT work 24/7?” Well, if you have been asking the same questions, let’s find the answer.

What Purpose Does NEMT Serve?

NEMT service providers are making a massive difference nationwide by making sure that people gain instant access to medical attention as and when they need it. The NEMT service will pick you or the person in need from their location and take to the nearby medical facility.

However, do not mistake an NEMT with an ambulance. Non-emergency medical transportation is more of a transportation service than someone you call in an emergency. So, if it is an emergency, you should still dial 911 to call an ambulance.

Does NEMT Work 24/7?

Yes, most NEMT services are operational round-the-clock throughout the year. Suppose you or a loved one is disabled, does not have a car, or you are not in a physical or mental state to drive. In that case, an NEMT is your go-to service.

How Does NEMT Work?

How Does NEMT Work?

Suppose you have a doctor’s appointment, but your car broke down, and nobody is home to take you to the doctor’s office. In another scenario, you have a car but are not in a physical or mental state of mind to drive. 

In both these cases, you will need someone to give you a ride to the hospital, so you do not miss your appointment. In short, if you need medical assistance visit, a medical facility NEMT will be able to help. Suppose you cannot get down the stairs in your own home. In that case, the NEMT personnel will also help you get down the stairs and take you wherever you need to go.

What Do NEMT Service Providers Need to Know?

If you are a startup NEMT service, you must understand the nature of urgency this business carries with it. Therefore, you must streamline your fleet operations to the best of your abilities. Any delays or errors in scheduling, dispatching, or failing to pick up clients can sometimes have devastating outcomes.

Furthermore, because you will be dealing with many customers’ private information, you will require an adequate data security system. This is not a choice but a federal requirement as per HIPAA compliance. You need HIPAA-compliant software if you are dealing with customers’ financial and sensitive information. 

This will help you secure data and prevent any data loss due to hacking attempts or unauthorized access. Solution providers just like ISI Technology offer a wide selection of software for NEMTs to streamline your fleet operations.

From billing to scheduling, routing, dispatching, and monitoring, you can increase your fleet’s operational efficiency. 

As an NEMT, you can make a huge difference in your customers’ life. However, this industry needs service providers to be proactive and customer-centric. Yes, you may have to invest in automation software to provide better services, but the benefits you reap will be worth it.

Tips to Help Operate an NEMT 24/7

Tips to Help Operate an NEMT 24/7

If you are an NEMT wishing to operate 24/7, you will have to be clever about it and automate your fleet operations. This will help you avoid any errors and stay compliant with the federal regulations for data security. 

With an automated software solution, you will be able to manage your bookings, dispatch the drivers, and bill your customers securely. Some software solutions even allow you to track the whereabouts of your drivers so you can check if the driver got to the location and rendered the services or not. 

By offering data and payment security, you will also establish your brand image as a trustworthy NEMT service provider in the market. So, make sure to pick the right solution that fits both your budget and needs.

ISI Technology Helping the NEMT Industry

If you are an NEMT looking for compliant software, ISI Technology can help. We offer some of the most secure software for medical transportation and medical billing industries. Want to observe how a solution by ISI Technology can help you? Then Book your Free Demo now!