We all know the feeling of discovering a gadget or piece of technology that simplifies some otherwise tedious task. For many in the healthcare industry, medical billing software is that business-changing discovery. After putting hours upon hours into billing and submitting claims, providers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing their workload will be cut in half with the right billing software. So, if you’re looking for different software, or you’re searching for your first medical billing program, you probably have a lot of questions. What features should you look for in billing software? Below you’ll find the key features all practices should look for in medical billing software, and why they’re so important. 


Whether you work in NEMT, homecare, or a variety of other healthcare positions, proper scheduling is important to the overall success of your business. Finding software with a reliable scheduling feature will improve your company’s productivity, and allow your front-end staff to spend less time tweaking appointment times and searching availability, and more time ensuring proper information and data is entered before and after every patient. 

Claim management

Dealing with dozens of claims per day can easily become super overwhelming for your staff. But with medical billing software, the process becomes a much less stressful one. For starters, if you’re billing with NEMT billing software, you’re setting yourself up for faster reimbursements. Electronic claims are received and paid before paper ones for maximum efficiency. Additionally, software should offer claim tracking and scrubbing, claim history, listed insurance payers, and more. With these features, it’s easy to feel confident when billing claims. 

Automated coding

If you’re dealing with multiple services or multiple payers, coding can be a nightmare. Software can automatically fill in the correct ICD codes for the service performed, along with proper state codes, depending where you’re billing from. This saves billers the hassle of searching thousands of codes and potentially entering them incorrectly. 

Top-notch security

As you know, having HIPAA-compliant software is crucial in protecting your patients’ personal information. It creates trust from your customers, and shows your credibility as a healthcare provider. Ensuring the routing software you’re looking into has top-of-the-line security is one of the first steps you should take.

Custom reporting

Full-scale reporting is huge for your business, and having a software that simply provides the analytical information you need for decision-making is vastly important. Reporting tools should be able to provide a variety of insights including logging payments and refunds, tracking your business’s revenue, providing financial reports, and alerting billers of whether bills and claims have been opened or not. Ideally, you’ll have the option to customize your reporting needs either within the software or by working with the software team. 

Easy-to-use interface 

A high-tech, complete medical transportation software isn’t useful if it’s not simple to operate. When you have a demo with a software company, take note of how easy it is to access everyday tools. How many clicks did it take to get to a page? When you’re looking at the interface, does it seem self-explanatory? Every software has a learning curve, but a simplified solution is the goal. 

Reliable support team

At the end of the day, a good software system can only get you so far without a reliable team behind it. Finding a program that’s both reliable and backed by an experienced group of people is going to give you the greatest return on investment in the long run. With an accessible support team, you’ll be able to ask questions, get custom features, and more that will improve your business. 

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