Why Do MVR Background Checks Matter?

Transportation businesses have a responsibility to ensure their drivers are responsible and dedicated to the safety of all passengers. This is why it is important to review every potential hire’s background and driving history—not just ensuring they have no criminal records or previous arrests but that they have no charges or infractions related to reckless driving.

Background checks are valuable as part of any company’s hiring process, and this due diligence is especially important for businesses operating within the transport industry. After all, client safety is at stake whenever they get in a vehicle with a professional driver. There must be no compromises when it comes to their well-being.

There are a few different ways to review a driver’s background. Hiring managers can run driver’s license checks for validity and to see if applicants have no outstanding violations. 

But transport businesses should take this further and perform a motor vehicle record (MVR) background check to access crucial information about their drivers. 

What is an MVR Background Check?

An MVR is a type of driver check conducted by employers to ensure the driver they want to hire is reliable. MVR checks will show their driving history, including accidents, traffic violations, MVR criminal background checks, or driving under the influence (DUI) cases. 

The information in an MVR will help employers determine if an applicant has been and will likely continue to be a trustworthy driver. Transportation and fleet companies are responsible for their drivers, passengers, and even the maintenance and safety of the vehicles in their fleet, so due diligence matters. 

MVR and Background Check Services

MVR and Background Check Services

MVR and background check service providers are essential partners for transport and fleet companies. With these screening records, employers can check and verify driving history, past traffic or road transgressions, and even substance abuse offenses.  

With important information on hand, transport companies can make sure to avoid hiring drivers with a history of accidents or egregious violations. Background checks can also reveal past criminal behavior and whether they pose a risk to those they work with and drive for. This ensures the continued safety of all their clients and their good reputation in the industry. 

MVR checks also reflect the specializations and records of a driver—important details that show if they are qualified to operate a certain type of vehicle. 

MVR and background checks are essential steps for all transport and fleet companies. They create a secure environment for everyone in the business. And once these records are accessed, they must be stored in a non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) management system for future reference.

What Does an MVR Show?

An MVR includes all information about a driver’s history on the road: license class, license standing, infractions (speeding tickets, traffic violations, accidents, driving-related charges or convictions), suspensions, and more. 

For NEMT companies, an MVR is a critical element of a proper background check on all their drivers. All applicants must also go through physical health checks and drug tests, and provide documentation of their driving safety history.

All drivers must undergo these screening procedures if they want to continue driving professionally. 

Once hired, NEMT businesses can log all of these employee details in their hiring management software. It is important to maintain thorough and accurate digital records of their drivers’ history, license class, and training certificates.

How Far Back Does an MVR Go?

Far Back Does an MVR Go

Hiring managers and applicants alike may wonder about MVR background checks and how far back they go. 

There is no national database for driving records. States have different requirements, and the lookback periods of MVR checks depend on local mandates and regulations set by each Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

Most states limit how far back an employer can go when checking an applicant’s motor vehicle record—which may range from three to seven years.

Some states allow employers to check an applicant’s MVR as far back as ten years. However, these extended checks only apply to certain types of drivers, such as those involving operating commercial vehicles.

If you’re not sure how far back your state’s laws allow employers to check an applicant’s MVR, contact your local DMV. 

Employers must do their due diligence for the safety of their clients and their business’s reputation. However, they are also encouraged to put more weight on a person’s recent driving history—several years of a clean driving record surely outweigh minor offenses from more than five years ago.

But what happens if an applicant has a DUI record? How long does a DUI stay on an MVR car background check?

A DUI is a criminal offense in many states. If a person is convicted of DUI, it will remain on their criminal record for life. And if someone is arrested for a DUI but is not convicted, the arrest will remain on their record for a maximum of ten years.

This information will be accessible to all potential employers, landlords, and other individuals who may run a background check within this period. The arrest will remain on the person’s insurance record for three to five years. 

Transport Companies Value Safety and Security 

Part of maintaining a transport fleet’s safety and security is making sure that your drivers are dependable and responsible. Robust software offered by ISI Technology is one way for many companies to ensure this. 

Along with fraud prevention technology, MVR checks will help your company bring in highly qualified drivers that meet all of your requirements. They will also give you a better understanding of their character and whether they will be easy to work with. 

MVR checks are not required by law, but they are a good way to protect your clients and your business interests. The more you know about your potential employees, the better.

Contact ISI-Technology today for a demo and make your NEMT business one of the safest for drivers and passengers!