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The HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal is a web-based application that allows you to manage and control your smart body temperature monitoring devices.

All smart kiosks and temperature cameras from the HealthGuard Technology online store are equipped with this software, so you can monitor temperature checks on your computer display in real time.

Our medical device inventory management software helps you keep track of all your devices and information in one place.

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  • Set your company’s logo as a screensaver on your smart temperature scanner display. Custom branding is available with specific packages.

  • With the Healthguard Technology Safety Portal, you will receive notifications via email, SMS, and in-app notification alerts when a body temperature camera system captures temperatures that exceed a specific limit. You can set temperature ranges in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  • Manage, edit, and view your entire list of saved users/employees here. Add or remove a user from the portal at any time and changes will appear instantly. The Safety Portal makes it easy to add users to your database and fill in profile details like name, phone number, office address, email, position, and photo.

  • Click on any user in the list and edit their capabilities, link them to a specific location, and see their entire history all within the portal. Depending on your pricing plan, you can add anywhere from 1-25 users.

  • Built with facial detection, HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal enables temperature scanning devices to identify users saved in your database. As soon as a face appears in the camera capturing area, a smart kiosk takes a photo and compares it with images stored in the touch screen kiosk software.

  • Once it determines enough compliance percentage, a user either gets identified or marked as a usual visitor. This feature allows you to track temperature checks within your team and track temperatures of visitors and customers.


  • Manage multiple locations

    View all of your locations within the companies section of your dashboard. Add and manage your offices here and receive alerts for any or all locations, so you can be aware of activity at all sites.

  • All your devices in one place

    Add and manage each device within the dashboard. The portal makes it easy to add new devices with the unique Serial Number. Once your device is recognized, you can add a name and location to it.

  • Instant alerts

    When something unusual is detected during a scan, you’ll receive an alert. This generally occurs when a high temperature is detected. You’ll be notified immediately so you can take action.


    Alerts are texted and emailed to all locations on file. Any employee linked to the location will also receive the direct notification.


The HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal lets you monitor temperature measurements in real-time on a single screen with our kiosk management software.

Conveniently view every scan that’s been taken at your organization all in one place. Sort the list by a specific date range and export the full list as an excel sheet. While on the dashboard, you can view:

  • The name of a scanned person
  • The location where the temperature check was taken
  • Information on whether the person was wearing a mask or hat
  • Information on whether the person is blacklisted or whitelisted
  • Temperature check date and time

All information is organized in columns, so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our medical device management system lets you check if a high temperature, mask, or hat was detected, view the exact temperature scanned along with the photo taken, and see the exact date and time an image was captured, plus even more!


Technology you can count on

The HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal puts the control in your hands.

Our line of HealthGuard products will help you feel safe and protected at your company, so you and your employees can do the best job possible and stay healthy at the same time.

Manage all user, device, and location information directly from the Safety Portal and feel confident that you’re putting everyone’s health first, every day.

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