Our Story

Sometimes the inception of great ideas begins modestly. iSi Technology began on the heels of real-world problems; problems that may seem trivial, but make all the difference. What began on in the hands of a few has advanced on the backs of many. Our growing team is diverse in skill and personality. As we continue our quest for excellence in new technologies, perfection in software and practicality in our products, we welcome you to join us. 

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    No one wants to play the guessing game when it comes to billing insurance claims. We solve that problem with two industry-leading insurance billing software products, Claimgenix and BillPRO. These trend-setting technologies are all-inclusive billing solutions, perfect for NEMT, healthcare and homecare companies.

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    NEMT Dispatch Software

    RouteGenie NEMT software is a modern platform that automates all non-emergency medical transportation processes such as routing, scheduling, vehicle and driver management and optimization of trip requests. The NEMT landscape is changing – RouteGenie is why.

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    The HealthGuard Technology Safety Portal is a web-based application that allows you to manage your smart body temperature monitoring devices. Smart kiosks and temperature cameras from the HealthGuard Technology online store are equipped with this software, so you can monitor temperature checks on your computer display in real-time.

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    The homecare industry is an essential facet of medical care in the United State. It provides comfort and peace of mind for elderly and handicapped patients across the nation. Our best-in-class homecare software raises the efficiency of homecare companies and eases the strain on management.

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Our Process

How to build software product

1 | Identify the problem

Here at iSi Tech, we are problem solvers. We want to make the world a better place and that's what drives our ideas for new software. So the first step for any of our projects is to identify a need to fill - one that makes a real difference.

2 | Brainstorm solutions

Nothing is off limits. When trying to fix a problem, it's important to keep your options open and think big when throwing things at the wall. Whether or not they stick, ideas are most effective when innovation thrives. For us, that means enabling our expert team members and allowing their creativity to shine.

3 | Reality check

Ideas are great, but at some point we need to determine if they can become an actual product. This step is often the hardest because it sometimes means the end of the road. For every great software we create there are several that never made it. The real world is tough, but that won't stop us from trying to make it better.

4 | Create a Timeline

It may seem trivial at face value, but setting out a clear, practical timeline for each technology is an essential step in our process. With many moving parts, a development team can often find itself torn in many directions and a map of our steps keeps us on schedule and focused. A checklist is worth the time it takes to create. 

5 | Build (Finally!)

It takes a while to get there, but there is no better feeling than when we start writing lines of code, integrating frontend design and creating test environments. It's not easy and sometimes it means test after test after test only to go back to the drawing board, but this step is our passion. We know we sound nerdy, but honestly, that's a compliment. 

6 | Promote and Release

We made it. After months of discussion, months of development, and even MORE months of testing, a new, trend-setting software technology is released and ready for use. It's a triumphant day for our team, but, at the same time, we are humbled to be in the position we are. We get to help people while doing what we love. And we think that's pretty special.


  • Igor Yuzbashev

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Igor is the iSi Technology visionary – the one who knew he had to raise his standards and create the software he needed. Now he is sharing that vision with the world.

  • Igor Finkelstein

    CFO & Co-Founder

    Igor is a force of nature in the business world. Having built multiple successful businesses and worked his way to the top of his industry, he reinforces the strong foundations at iSi Tech.

  • Stan Kaluhin

    COO & Co-Founder
    Buffalo, NY

    Stan is the architect. He takes the vision and makes it a reality. Overseeing an expert team of over 20 developers, he guides the creation of our products.

  • Jonathon Anthon

    Partner & CRO
    Buffalo, NY

    Jon steers the ship. With a wealth of experience in our technology industries, he knows the landscape and how to guide a team through its twists and turns.

  • Dmitry S.

    CTO & Head Developer

    Dmitry is the builder. He constructs the blueprints as head developer, managing his highly-qualified team. He is the end-to-end guru, making the software creation process look easy.

Development & Implementation

  • Sean G.

    Director of Implementation

    Sean is the engineer. When something needs to fit in the right place or be adjusted for circumstances, Sean gets it done. An implementation mastermind, he is the reason we’re still up and running.

  • Arman A.

    Office & Operations Manager

    Arman is a steady hand and the backbone of our office. He keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes with most of his best work going unsung, but no less valuable.

  • Gleb L.

    Designer and Product Manager

    Gleb helps us go above and beyond. There are lots of software out there – thanks to Gleb our product interfaces look awesome and provide user-friendly designs.

  • Maryna Y.

    Support Specialist

    Maryna is the front line. Her instincts when it comes to customer support are second to none and her ability to quickly provide effective solutions adds an unmistakable value to our team.

  • Alena D.

    Quality Assurance Specialist

    Alena has a keen eye for detail. She checks the functionality of each product for compliance with the requirements and expectations of users.

  • Andrey S.

    Back End Developer

    As a backend developer, Andrey is one of the many unsung heroes at iSi Tech. His commitment to excellence reassures the team that our software will be functional and secure.

  • Anton B.

    Full-Stack Developer

    Anton is a watchful eye, developing and testing new functions for our software. He ensures new releases will go off without a hitch while maintaining a high standard for timeliness.

  • Ivan L.

    Mobile Developer

    Ivan is a mastermind mobile developer. His expertise and experience help our products reach more people and create even more user-friendly experiences.

  • Oleg G.

    Front End Developer

    Oleg is a problem solver. As a front-end developer, he provides precision in constructing user interfaces and thinks outside the box while maintaining an other-worldly level of consistency.

Marketing & Sales

  • Michael L.

    Account Executive

    Mike is the go-getter. As a savvy businessman and energetic personality, he provides second-to-none service and dedication to his clients.

  • Emmy K.


    Emmy is a master of language. Her keen eye for detail and nimble word choice activate the intentions of readers. She represents the power of the written word admirably and with great poise.

  • Jim C.

    Account Executive

    Jim is the consummate professional. His experience in the industry and thorough knowledge of the products make him an invaluable resource to his clients and iSi Tech.

  • Ksenia G.

    Visual Designer

    Ksenia’s eye for design is second to none. Her creative and inspiring work helps to grow consistent, effective brands for all of our software products.

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