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NEMT providers do remarkably important work every day. Because of them, citizens who can’t drive themselves and don’t have another form of transportation available are able to safely get to and from their medical appointments.

However, NEMT companies face many challenges daily—not only do they have to properly schedule and route trips, they must also dispatch and bill them too. The whole process can easily become overwhelming without a plan. The right software for NEMT improves efficiency and cuts costs to optimize your entire operation.

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RouteGenie NEMT Software

  • Our RouteGenie non-emergency medical transportation software is a comprehensive solution designed to refine your scheduling, routing, dispatching, and vehicle and driver management.

  • By automating all aspects of your operation, RouteGenie guarantees a seamless process from start to finish.

  • No matter how many trips you have per day, our software helps you complete them with maximum efficiency.

  • A reliable NEMT software is successful when every feature works together to create a cohesive experience.

  • RouteGenie builds you the most logical schedule based on vehicle capacity. It also adjusts trips in real time based on no shows, driver call offs, and new trip requests for live dispatching decisions.

  • Plus, our software makes billing a breeze with electronic payment options that allow patients to pay instantly and let you track your invoices.


RouteGenie NEMT software is a good choice for businesses both big and small. It’s customizable to your company’s specific needs, so you know you’ll be equipped with the tools to succeed. Take a look at just a few of the many advantages that come with using RouteGenie.

  • Optimized scheduling

    Our automated system evaluates each passenger’s needs to determine what vehicle is needed to save dispatchers time and labor.

  • Streamlined billing

    RouteGenie creates digital invoices for clients, so passengers can pay as soon as it’s convenient for them.

  • Enhanced routes

    Our system evaluates the fastest route based on mileage and traffic to save time and money.

  • Revamped on-time performance

    Our software pinpoints the best pick-up and drop-off windows for every trip.

Top-tier Development

RouteGenie was born to fill a gap in the industry. Our experienced team wanted a reliable software for their own transportation business—and after exploring every available option, they found that not a single NEMT software checked off every box.

Hungry for a complete solution, they took matters into their own hands. RouteGenie exists because our team doesn’t settle. We’re dedicated to finding the best way of doing things, and thanks to our expert development team, we offer the best NEMT solution to you.

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NEMT Scheduling Software

No matter how you schedule trips, RouteGenie makes it easy for everyone. Our NEMT software has API integrations with major and regional brokers, like ModivCare and Veyo, for seamless trip scheduling; an iFrame widget that can be added to any provider’s website for simplified passenger booking; a facility portal that allows partners and facilities to book and manage trips for their patients; and a passenger app for private pay clients to book and track their rides.

It’s this simple: when you have a variety of ways to schedule trips, it becomes a seamless process for passengers, dispatchers, drivers, and brokers alike.

NEMT Routing Software

Is there anything worse than hitting the road without a plan? If you’re an NEMT provider, this means potentially hitting bad traffic, facing unexpected weather, or taking a longer route than necessary. With RouteGenie, you don’t have to worry about these things.

RouteGenie pinpoints the fastest and most efficient routes for every trip, searches for multiload opportunities along the route, and makes real-time adjustments if better routes are available.

You can even pre-route some or all of your trips for the day so that everything is ready to go as soon as your drivers arrive. Review the efficiency of each route with quick access to see the amount of time the vehicle will be on the road, total miles driven, and revenue dollars for that route.

NEMT Billing Software

Manual NEMT billing is time-consuming, tedious, and often inaccurate. If you’re trying to run a successful operation, you need a reliable billing method. RouteGenie’s billing module automates the entire billing process, reducing your billing labor by 50%. It offers a variety of billing solutions, including direct broker integrations, a direct clearinghouse integration, paper and PDF invoices, CMS 1500 forms, trip logs, spreadsheets, and more.

Once you complete a trip, you have all the information you need stored in the system, so it’s easy to create an invoice right away. Submit accurate claims and get paid faster than ever before.

NEMT Dispatching Software

Never choose the wrong vehicle again. RouteGenie’s dispatching tool identifies which vehicle has the best efficiency for a trip based on drive time, distance, and on-time performance. The system proactively points out and offers multiload opportunities that fall into the set pick-up and drop-off windows, adhere to vehicle capacity, and fit any other parameters that your company has set.

Dispatchers can easily make real-time adjustments that immediately update on a driver’s route. The system makes it simple to find the best routes, find any additional pick-up opportunities that fall within the planned route and timing, and offers direct communication between dispatcher and driver.

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NEMT Fleet management Software

When you run an NEMT business, you need to make sure your fleet is healthy and ready to hit the road every day. Even small vehicle problems can become a huge issue for your operation if they aren’t found quickly enough. RouteGenie saves all vehicle information, including insurance policy, registration, and DOT information for easy access. Automatic alerts let you know when you need an oil change, or if your registration needs to be renewed soon.

Plus, drivers can easily submit pre and post-trip checklists to stay up-to-date on vehicle health. If there’s an issue, your team will know right away.

Broker integration

You likely get the majority of your trip requests from brokers, so RouteGenie has integrations with both major and regional brokers to simplify trip management.

If you’re partnered with a RouteGenie-integrated broker, you’ll be able to automatically find trip requests in the system and schedule them in just minutes.

If you’re working with a broker that RouteGenie isn’t yet integrated with, we’ll be happy to look into the possibility.

NEMT Paratransit software

Paratransit software gives you the ability to manage every part of the trip process from one platform. Automating your process boosts your efficiency, saves you money, and gives your business more structure in the everyday.

With RouteGenie, you have a variety of ways to allow trip scheduling, the ability to route trips ahead of time, insight to adjust trips on the fly, knowledge to submit clean claims, and more.

HR management

Behind-the-scenes HR work keeps your business running smoothly, so RouteGenie gives your team the tools they need to manage employee paperwork, payroll, and more. It’s easy to access new employee applications and information, update driver certifications, and calculate pay and commission—all in the system.

Don’t fall behind on important HR work. Use RouteGenie to keep everything up-to-date and organized.

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Driver app

RouteGenie’s built-in driver app puts the control in the driver’s hands. Built for simple use, the driver app lets dispatchers communicate with drivers right in the app.

Drivers can receive messages and updates within the app, and they can choose to use in-app navigation or they can push the address out to Google Maps. When drivers are at the pick-up point or close by, they can send a message to the passenger with updates.

Client app

Connect with your passengers better than ever before. The RouteGenie client app lets passengers schedule private pay trips via credit card, view their upcoming trip details, and see live trip updates as soon as they’re available.

Your passengers have the ability to plan trips whenever they need to and track rides so they know exactly when to come outside.

Experience You Can Trust

Our quality product is backed by more than 15 years of experience in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. We knew there had to be a better way to manage your operations, so we created the software.

Born from meticulous research and trial and error, RouteGenie is an advanced, modern NEMT all in one software that won’t limit your operation—in fact, it will lend you more opportunities than ever before.

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