How NEMT Software Boosts Eco-Efficiency

Technology is not known to be environmentally friendly. Many cutting-edge processes create air and noise pollution and use non-renewable precious metals. 

Fortunately, there are green technology practices where companies use sustainable energy sources to limit the negative impact of their operations. And technology can be used to reduce the human impact on the environment. This is precisely what non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT software does. 

Environmental Benefits of NEMT Software

It’s quite ironic to talk about eco-efficiency when talking about NEMT software—technology and transportation are two of the biggest contributors to worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Technology contributes 4% of all GHG emissions, and it adds 9% to the world’s energy use every year. The transport industry is responsible for 25% of all carbon dioxide emissions

The use of NEMT software softens the blow to the environment in many ways.

Route Optimization 

The use of NEMT software helps with route planning and determining the best path to pick up passengers and bring them to their medical appointments and back again. Route optimization is not just about the shortest route from Point A to Point B but also considers typically congested areas and peak hours. 

So, how does that help with environmental friendliness? Taking efficient routes minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes every moment a vehicle is on the road. 

Proper Scheduling/Accurate Dispatching

Proper Scheduling/Accurate Dispatching

Trips are booked in advance, and NEMT software can easily match the passenger’s schedule with the driver and vehicle based on the specific need. Because the system has all the booking information, it could streamline operations in a few ways. 

System builds routes to accommodate more than one passenger. Of course, this will only happen when passengers are in the same neighborhood and have similar appointment schedules in the area. This level of efficiency benefits the environment as there are fewer vehicles on the road. 

Real-Time Tracking

With real-time tracking, the NEMT company and its clients know exactly where the vehicle and driver are. The software informs passengers of the estimated time of arrival so they can prepare. This way, there are no long waiting periods upon pickup, which would mean more fuel consumption and more carbon dioxide emissions. 

NEMT companies can also use green transportation options for their fleets. 

Robust, efficient software like ISI Technology can help your company advance forward and into a greener future. Complement it with environmental software for better results. 

The Future of Green Energy in NEMT

NEMT software can help reduce carbon emissions for fleets, but there is more to be done. EcoBoost, for example, is worth looking into. 

What is EcoBoost? It is an engine made by Ford that improves fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions. It does all that without sacrificing performance. 

These EcoBoost features deliver tremendous benefits:

  • Direct fuel injection
  • Variable camshaft timing
  • Turbocharging

What works best with an engine with impressive power output without the massive environmental impact? Renewable energy. 

The Future of Renewable Energy

Solar and wind are two of the best choices for renewable sources of energy., an organization that advocates for sustainable economic policies and governance around the world, is optimistic of their widespread success in the future. 

The constant increases in gas, oil, and coal prices have prompted a boost in the use of photovoltaic cells and wind energy in 2022. The use of solar power in the world will increase by 600 gigawatts, and the entire renewable energy ecosystem will expand by 1,600 gigawatts by 2024. The goal is to reduce the cost of renewable energy because of the abundance in supply. 

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles in NEMT

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles in NEMT

Transport providers must be prepared to integrate electric vehicles in their NEMT operations. 

Electric vehicles deliver the following benefits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Zero emissions
  • No noise pollution

Electric vehicles are not yet mainstream because of certain limitations, such as the lack of charging stations in major and minor thoroughfares and short driving ranges. But as technology evolves, there will be a clamor for their use in commercial transport, including NEMT. 

When this happens, electric vehicles will also become more affordable per unit. Forward-thinking companies must be ready for widespread changes to their operations.


NEMT software is just the first step to a greener future for the healthcare industry. Its robust features can help companies minimize fuel use and reduce carbon emissions because of route optimization, real-time tracking, accurate dispatching, and more. NEMT companies must ahead of the competition and look for more eco-friendly solutions for the industry.