Will NEMT Company Bring Someone Home From Another City?

The purpose of non-emergency medical transportation lays in assisting disadvantaged people with their rides. Hence, it makes NEMT business customer-oriented in nature. Regardless of the need, the customer wants to know that it will always be satisfied with your excellent and flexible services. In addition to that, to keep your business not just afloat, but blossoming, you need to keep looking for ways to engage new customers constantly. Gaining seniority over your competitors and becoming the number one choice for customers is possible by offering a more expanded list of services, and especially unique services. 

What Kind of Trips is Covered by Medicaid?

NEMT business is evolving around Medicaid and brokers. In most cases, the businesses depend on the terms that Medicaid dictates. It is crucial to get to know all the specifications that your state has before promoting certain services, or relying on benefiting from them. 

Medicaid is a state-dependent healthcare program. Private companies provide their services to patients eligible for them under the Medicaid coverage. However, a number of patients need more. As a company owner, read the specifications scrupulously, in order to know what you will be reimbursed for. Also remember, delays with paperwork, providing a service that the healthcare contract does not cover, leads to waste of your resources. 

The state only covers medical trips. Under the coverage of Medicaid, trips from the other city to home or another medical facility are possible, if requested properly by the patient. In this case the NEMT company will have to charge deadhead miles

Non-Medical Trips With NEMT

The fact that the healthcare system does not cover certain services does not mean a lack of demand for them. It is a matter of financing. When it comes to trips for non- medical aims, the state has nothing to do with it. However, these clients, although you might not see the abundance of those, bring income. Some companies even specialize in long-distance trips only and provide escort/ accompanying services to patients who want a comfortable ride, for leisure purposes. Leisure trips fall into the category of NEMT business services as well. The only difference is that potential customers for this service will be private-pay ones. A good-quality non-emergency medical transportation routing software will come in handy in cases like that. Issues that such rides bring up are calculating the cost and routing. 

ISI Technology designed the software that takes care of all the painful issues every NEMT company encounters. Responsibility for billing and perfect routing can be placed on the best NEMT software. Forget about any limitations and feel free to take any trip your customer needs. Only by satisfying the demand, will you get the highest customer retention rate.