Does Logisticare Pay NEMT Companies for Driver Wait Time

The simple answer to this question is no. Logisticare does not pay for any driver’s wait time at all and this opens up a different topic that needs to be discussed. Is logisticare paying NEMT companies fairly? 

Logisticare is one of the largest trip brokers in the united states and from the amount of complaints you can read online, someone would wonder how they are so large. One of the biggest obstacles small NEMT companies are facing when dealing with Logisticare is the prices they are paying for transportation. Many small companies are being forced to opt out of working with logisticare because they would not be able to pay their drivers any more than minimum wage (with no benefits). It is important to keep in mind there is a bit of negotiation when it comes to agreeing to a contract with Logisticare. If you are one of the only NEMT companies in your area providing a certain service, there is leverage to negotiate higher prices. Logisticare is paid based on how many members they serve and the transportation companies based on trips performed. There is a huge gap there, and that’s where Logisticares profits come from. 

Other Options for Sourcing NEMT Business

Keep in mind, Logisticare is not the only place out there managing transportation requests. As a NEMT company you need to look at places like hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis centers, and day programs. These facilities require transportation for their patients. There is also a huge market for transportation to shopping centers and restaurants for people with disabilities or who are ill. Having a great nemt scheduling software will keep track of all these different trips. Be creative! 

Working with all of these accounts can seem overwhelming but with a nemt billing software tool it can be made simple.  A software solution that manages your pricing for each account and automatically generates invoices based on your needs. With a non-emergency medical transportation billing software like ISI Technology there are no limits to what your business can do.