How to Update Route Software?

Technology is the fastest growing industry in the world with updates coming out constantly to phones, computers and software. In the world of technology it is a persistent race to have the very best equipment and computer programs. Do you have the latest and greatest when it comes to non-emergency medical transportation software? If you don’t and you need to make a change it might seem like a daunting task. But it shouldn’t be! In this article you’ll learn how to update your current system to the best NEMT software for your companies needs. 

Stage 1. Scouting: Use all the resources you have available to find a software that gives you the best solution with one program. This software should be cloud-based so you don’t feel tied down to one location. Your new software should include tools like automated dispatching and scheduling as well as a flexible billing and invoicing system. 

Stage 2. Data Consolidation: Once you find the software of your dreams, you’re going to want all of your employee, vehicle, account, and client data imported into your new system. This information should be organized and accessible for an easy import process. 

Stage 3. Implementation and Training: During your scouting stage, information about support and training that comes along with your new software should’ve presented itself. This stage is the most important part of the process. If your office employees and drivers do not understand the new system they’re using, it will fail. Make sure there is an extensive training package built into the software program you’re purchasing. 

Stage 4. Launch Day: The moment you’ve been waiting for: Launch Day. This process can be done in sections if you have different departments or it can be done all at once. If the implementation and training stage was performed correctly launch day should run smoothly. From this day forward your company will step into the future.

The dispatch software for NEMT that you choose should flow with the ever-changing landscape of the technological world. You should be receiving updates to your software at least every other week and those updates should not come at a cost. The software solution at ISI Technology encompasses all things mentioned in this article and ISI Technology will make your transition to the future as smooth as it can be. 

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