How Many NEMT Brokers Operate In the United States?

NEMT brokers have been operating for years. Although the brokerage model is questioned by many critics, most states still opt for it as the main model of managing non-emergency transportation. The broker is a middleman between the companies that provide transport and clients. 

While brokerage is a widespread model, it’s important to address your local HHS department for operating standards of non-emergency transportation to know the practice in your state. The brokers are divided into national or regional. In addition, some states have individual brokers. The difference is in their area of operations. 

The Following List of Brokers Includes Some of the Biggest Companies in the Country:

nemt brokers
  • LogistiCare represents one of the largest brokers that cooperates with managed care organizations and governmental agencies. Although the broker model of managing non-emergency transportation has been under question recently, LogistiCare operates and thrives in many states. That being said, they’re worth looking into if you’re in the market for big broker partnerships. 
  • MTM began operating in 1995 when the government was struggling with providing a proper level of care for patients who needed NEMT. Initially, it was founded to deal with NEMT, but expanded the area of operation to include various healthcare-related transit. 
  • Veyo entered the NEMT industry with success. However, their success with one state lasted for only 18 months. Veyo signed a deal with Idaho, and after some time, announced that the conditions are unfavorable for them and demanded the state to modify the contract. It led to the termination of the contract. 
  • Access2Care was founded in 1998 to serve NEMT needs. It operates in 29 states. 
  • Epic MD operates in every state. The company partners with transport providers, as well as healthcare organizations. They operate using nemt software
  • OneCall works on a national level as well as an international. It handles all types of transportation including air transport. Contacting them is possible via email

Tips on Dealing With Brokers

Tips on Dealing with Brokers

Broker rules vary in each state. Regardless of what state you operating, managing your business is easiest with NEMT transportation software. Many brokers are adapting with the times and implementing software to save costs. Once NEMT providers invest in software, it becomes simple to integrate with broker technology to create a more efficient process. ISI Technology has solutions to all the problems NEMT providers might have, regardless of the size of the company. Visit our website to get more info on this state-of-the-art dispatching, routing, and billing software.