What is routing software?

The individuals that build or schedule routes for drivers in the transportation industry have the greatest impact on the efficiency and profitability of the company they are working for. These employees take many factors into account when building routes, such as the location of each pick-up or destination, distance traveled, and capacity of each vehicle. In reality there are hundreds of different facets that need to be considered when choosing the right vehicle at the right time for the client’s specific needs. In order to build a route to near perfection, it is necessary to incorporate a transportation management software that will consider every component and mathematically configure the best options for the route. This process, if it involves automated transportation dispatch software, is called route optimization and it will grow your business exponentially. 

Why do you need routing software?

It is known that the human brain is a complex system, but when we try to handle more than two things at once the brain divides our thinking process to conquer both tasks. When the thought process is divided in order to handle more than one thing at a time we are now taking our full potential and giving 50% to each task. If this theory is applied to route building it seems that the human brain is truly unable to perform the task efficiently at all. This is why it is necessary to have dispatch software for medical transportation, or any transportation for that matter. Putting more responsibility in the hands of a computer algorithm sounds scary, but in actuality it is the only way to take a transportation business to the next level. The idea of limiting human involvement ie. human error is where the transportation software shines. Taking your business to the next level is where ISI Technology shines. Call us today so we can turn your company into what you’ve always dreamed it to be.            

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