NEMT is a service that connects patients in need of non- emergency transportation with non-hospital drivers. As practice shows, patients with chronic diseases are the ones who tend to skip their doctor appointments and among the reasons for that are the inability to drive and the absence of anyone who can assist. Missing follow- up appointments and compulsory check-ups by an increasing number of patients led to the appearance of a new industry. Since medical facilities fail to satisfy the growing demand, private business comes into play. Using transport management software various private companies and individuals take on the duties hospitals cannot perform. The key element that singles out it in a separate industry is brought up by the needs of clients. Patients require not a simple taxi service but a special mode of transport like vans with gurney or wheelchair. 

How Do People Find NEMT Rides?

Communication between all parties of the nemt process happens in different ways. Some drivers opt for using brokers who will assign trips to them. While brokers comprise an influential part in the influential industry technology is not just passing by this sphere. A number of routine processes, which made the event of ordering a nemt ride time-consuming at times, were simplified by special dispatch software for medical transportation. 

The trips are not urgent in nature. The patient is not in critical condition which leads to the conclusion that the driver does not need to provide any medical support on the way. The other aspect of the ride causes issues at times. Everyone wants instant service as it is more convenient. This requirement is not coming from a patient’s side only but also the drivers. SImplifying the internal processes like billing and routing is vital in speeding up the service delivery.  

What is ISI Technology?

ISI Technology applied the best practices of managing transportation to create nemt dispatch and billing software. The software aims at excluding any possible human errors which lead to losses. By acquiring the system which works to optimize the everyday decisions made in the business the risk of exceeding spendings. Not only ISI Technology software accelerates billing and routing but it also improves cooperation with clients.