Starting any type of business from scratch is a responsible decision, but much needed in order to stop going with the flow and get a grip on your income. NEMT industry creates favorable conditions for beginners and those who have lots of experience in the business. Nevertheless, having a checklist that serves as a guide in this industry won’t be a waste. Here a couple of things that at times are taken for granted or forgotten about. Hiring competent people, getting proper nemt software, buying/renting the fleet are all things to take care of when you start the business and in the process of working. Another whale that holds your business afloat and serves as an indicator of your success or failure is the customer satisfaction rate. 

It is essential to remember the needs of NEMT customers?

Identifying your potential customer and his needs is a key to success. This assessment is conducted on the basis of the area where you give your services. Whether you have hospitals or nursing homes will influence demand.  The older population, to be precise, people over 65 usually comprise a huge part of NEMT customers. Statistics on rural areas shows the main components of older patients’ needs. The trips analyzed resulted in need of accompanying, special devices and urgent trips. Hence, whether you are in a rural or urban environment, these principles apply universally. The cost of the trip will depend on the urgency, special equipment/ personnel needed and distance. A particular interest is paid to the specially trained personnel that a patient might need. For sure, the driver will be trained on the basics of life support, but providing guidance during the trip and driving is not always possible. The patients might need a full -time attendant who will accompany them, especially for longer distances. Attendants are representatives of personnel who have corresponding qualifications which they received from the state. For example, in Minnesota, MnDOT driver certification requirements serve as a license for attendants. These may vary from state to state and must be followed. 

The presence of the attendant also adds to your paperwork. The NEMT industry is profitable, but like any business requires scrupulous attention to details, especially when it comes to paperwork, like taxes. If you look at your state Department of Health and HealthCare programs that covers NEMT, you will find that most states do not cover the cost of escort or attendant. 

Your driver’s and attendant’s records must be archived and saved for a certain period of time, depending on the state instruction. Brokers that you work with will also need these records. LogistiCare, for example, needs them annually but also reserves the right to inspect them throughout the year. Hence, it emphasized one more time the need to optimize all possible processes in order to put less pressure on human operators in your business. 

An intelligent transportation system software is a way to avoid endless paperwork and stress. One lost invoice or trip log jeopardizes the whole business and puts the reputation at stake. Check ISI Technology website to find out how technology simplifies complex business processes.