Fleet belongs to one of the supporting pillars of your NEMT business. Taking care of your fleet is vital. Approaching this issue, remember about its complexity. The drivers you hire contribute to the state of your fleet, but also the way the trips are distributed has an impact. Every business owner wants to avoid overspending. Cutting costs should be done wisely. 

Cutting the fuel bill. Fairy tale or reality?

Taking fuel cost as inevitable spending of transportation business is the right choice. However, feeding the fuel bill carelessly is already a mistake. Start thinking about fuel at the stage when you get the fleet. The next thing to consider is a fuel card. Regardless of the number of drivers and vehicles you have, the fuel card fits the purposes of individual and group use. To describe this card in short, it is a credit card that serves solemnly fuel purchase purposes. Mind that profound research of your area is needed before acquiring one. Check the gas stations around, select the one suitable for you, and read the offer carefully. If you want to be extra cautious with fuel bills, some cards offer you a quite comprehensive control. For example, some cards can be used only if the driver is at a certain proximity to the vehicle, meaning that he cannot use it for his private vehicle. Whether available or not, this function is no vital. Here is a list of basic functions and perks they give you in managing your NEMT business:

Connects to a vehicle or a driver;

Tracks all your expenses on fuel and saves time for paperwork;

Unlike cash, can be set to purchase only fuel and nothing but the fuel.

For sure, this list is not exhaustive. Depending on what company you use, you might come into more benefits. In any case, what most business owners are striving for is less paperwork. Collecting fuel receipts is a piece of cake if you have a card. 

Building trust with the people you work is for sure essential, however, if you want to be safe and sound, set up the tracking system in a form of a card. In reality, the card can track not only fuel, but the driver. Knowing the time when fueling took place lets you find out whether the car was used after the working hours, for example. 

Another option to select is signing the agreement with the local gas station and get an account there. The main pointer here is the number of gas stations within your operating area. You do not want your driver to end up in the area without that gas station and empty tank. 

Regardless of what fuel management strategy you use, remember that there is always a way to optimize the expenses. So far, the most successful recipe for cost-efficient fuel management is a proper software with a fuel card.

How Does NEMT Software Get Along with Fuel Management?

 A car service dispatch software allows you to control the idle time of every vehicle, and use it in the most sufficient way. Meanwhile, NEMT routing software takes care of optimizing the routes for the best use of fuel. ISI Technology offers a multipurpose software that handles routing, dispatching, and billing better than any human dispatcher could have ever done it. Remember, that NEMT business is not standing aside from the technological progress for a reason. Software is a future for those who want to cut their losses in business. 

Taking a look at dispatching only. It seems that fuel expenses depend on the driver, car and the distance of the ride. However, how does your business work in terms of managing your rides? Are you sure in all the decisions that your dispatcher makes? For sure a human error is likely to happen, if not on a daily, but monthly basis. How does it influence you? Any error is followed by financial loss.

Routing optimization is another pressing issue for any transportation business. If you need to cut the fuel consumption, the software can give you speedy and smooth assistance. First of all, it gives instant updates on the traffic to the driver and the client. Due to the tracking of the routes and sending you the data immediately, you get the chance to analyze the area and find out vulnerable spots. All these factors combined will lead you to implement the solutions on saving your time, money and fuel. 

Use NEMT transportation software by ISI Technology to tame the factors that influence your business and let yourself focus on other aspects.