As your business grows, you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your process. This includes developing employee roles, hiring additional staff, and investing in medical billing or NEMT software that guarantees you’re paid on time, every time. 

How do you choose the right software system?

With endless options on the market, searching for billing software can feel overwhelming. Like most things, it’s important to take these options with a grain of salt. Every company with a website is going to claim they’re the best, or that they offer something no one else does—and maybe they do. But until you see it, don’t jump to conclusions. If you’re seriously interested in a system, schedule a demo with the software provider for an in-depth look at the program. Seeing how software looks in action is one of the best ways to gauge whether it’s a good fit for your business, but that’s not all. The following are important things to look for before you request your demo. 

Provider’s time in business

New software providers pop up every day. This isn’t to say these companies don’t have a good product, but if you’re a business looking to elevate your service, you want a provider with experience. Finding software providers with proven successful track records is a good place to start. 

Recommendations from industry professionals

Time and time again, word of mouth advertising has come out on top as one of the most effective methods of selling a product. The truth is, people trust their peers more than they’ll ever trust brands. Whether it’s online reviews, a post from a business you follow, or a phone call from your friend in the industry, you’re more willing to trust the opinion of someone you can relate to. Seek out recommendations from those around you before you become overwhelmed by online results. 

Compatibility with specialty practices

Even if you run a general medical practice, you’ll want to see if the software is compatible with more specialized fields. You never know when you’ll expand your practice to include different services, and if you’re sold on a particular provider, you won’t want to find out later that it doesn’t work for your business anymore. 

Reliable customer service

Nothing is more frustrating than unreachable customer service. You want to work with a software provider who is responsive and helpful. Many software companies offer 24/7 customer support at no additional cost, so if you find a few who seem unreachable or who charge an arm and a leg for one phone call, consider keeping your options open. 

Hidden fees

Most providers will tell you what your monthly fee will be right away, but that doesn’t mean they always disclose any hidden fees that may come up. For instance, it’s common for software providers to have an annual fee, which is something you’ll want to account for budget-wise. Additionally, watch out for customer service charges that could quickly pile up if fees are charged per call. 

Patient payment reminders

You want to get paid on time, so having software that quickly and easily sends out reminders to patients that their payments are almost due is best for efficiency. Make sure you understand how patient payment reminders work with every software system, so you can choose what’s best for your practice. 

Ready to start your medical billing software journey?

Whether you’re looking for NEMT billing software or medical billing software for your healthcare or homecare practice, iSi Technology has a solution for you. Don’t wait to improve your business. Get in touch with our team today for more information or to schedule a demo.